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High Frequency Hearing Loss

Hearing loss.png


We commonly experience sound in our environment. When these sounds are at safe levels they do not cause hearing loss. However, if the sounds are too loud, even for a brief time, or when they are both loud and long-lasting they can damage inner ear sensory hair cells and cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). These hair cells transmit sound through the inner ear to the brain's hearing center. Once injured, they cannot be repaired.

Symptoms of high frequency hearing loss:

  • Hard to understand high pitched voices (women, children, etc.)

  • Words that start with th, f, s, or h are hard to understand

  • When people talk, you can hear but cannot understand

  • Cannot hear birds chirping

  • Can easily hear but cannot understand  at a movie or on the phone

cdc chart.png

Common activities causing high frequency hearing loss:

  • Loud music on EarPods

  • Loud music at concerts


  • Hammering

  • Mowing, weed eating, etc.

  • Monster truck rallies


Treatment of high frequency hearing loss:

  • Prevention is paramount: hearing protection to protect against noise levels above 85 decibels

  • Prevention is even more paramount for babies and children

  • Prevention ignored: Hearing aides, cochlear implants, etc. is the now the option available to hear 


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