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People In Truck Beds

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Hundreds Die Yearly From Riding in Back of Pickup Trucks


One of the most popular vehicles these days is a pickup truck. It’s great for hauling loads and helping people move. It seems like everyone knows at least one person with a pickup truck. They are especially popular in rural areas and with teenaged boys. However, they do come with their share of risks. One of those risks is allowing people to ride in the bed of your pickup truck.

The dangers of riding in the bed of a pickup truck

Trucks are great, but they can be dangerous. It’s extremely dangerous when passengers are allowed to ride in the bed or cargo area. This is because they are exposed to their surroundings and don’t have seat belts. In fact, hundreds of people die each year as a result of riding in the cargo area of pickup trucks. The most common cause of injuries or deaths is being ejected from the cargo area. This can happen if the truck stops suddenly, hits a bump or takes a turn too sharp. These injuries can happen even if the passenger is sitting down in the bed of the truck. Another cause of serious injuries is exposure to carbon monoxide from exhaust fumes when riding in a covered bed.

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