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Texas Spiders and Spider bites

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Spider Bite Dx and Rx

Worldwide only a few species of spiders have fangs long enough to penetrate human skin and venom strong enough to hurt humans. Among these are widow spiders, with about 30 species, and recluse spiders, with more than 140 species worldwide. A spider bite initially looks like any other bug bite — a red, inflamed, sometimes itchy or painful bump on your skin — and may even go unnoticed. Harmless spider bites usually don't produce any other symptoms.


Symptoms associated with spider bites can vary from minor to severe. Although extremely rare, death can occur in the most severe cases. Possible symptoms resulting from a spider bite include the following:

• Itching or rash

• Pain radiating from the site of the bite

• Muscle pain or cramping

• Reddish to purplish color or blister

• Increased sweating

• Difficulty breathing

• Headache

• Nausea and vomiting

• Fever

• Chills

• Anxiety or restlessness

• High blood pressure


First Aid

• Stay calm. Identify the type of spider if it is possible to do so safely. Identification will aid in medical treatment.

• Wash the bite area with soap and water.

• Apply a cloth dampened with cold water or filled with ice to the bite area to reduce swelling.

• Elevate bite area if possible.

• Do not attempt to remove venom.

• Immediately seek professional medical attention.

Widow spider bites

Signs and symptoms of a widow spider bite can include:

• Redness, pain and swelling. You might have pain and swelling around the bite, which can spread into your abdomen, back or chest.

• Cramping. You might have severe abdominal rigidity or cramping, which is sometimes mistaken for appendicitis or a ruptured appendix.

• Nausea, vomiting, tremors or sweating. You might experience nausea, vomiting, tremors or sweating alone or in combination.

Symptoms can last 1 to 3 days.


Recluse spider bites

Signs and symptoms of a recluse spider bite can include:

• Increasing pain over the first eight hours after the bite

• Fever, chills and body aches

• A bite wound with a pale center that turns dark blue or purple with a red ring around it

• A bite wound that grows into an open sore (ulcer) with the skin around it dying


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